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Hello from Finlay Prints!

Where silly greets serious, new meets old, and nostalgia tickles modern.

Finlay Prints, launched in 2006, is located in historical Greenwich Village, New York, home to both the old Bohemians and cutting edge Fashionistas. All at once you can glimpse a glass hotel and hear the bells of the Mr. Softy ice cream truck clunking on old cobblestones. Though I love the ever-evolving culture of a large city, I’m still warmed by memories of the circus in springtime, saddle shoes, frosted cupcakes, wool blankets, and pitchers of lemonade. So at Finlay Prints, we mix the charm of simpler days with today’s modern lifestyle in all of our designs.

It started a few years ago, one spring afternoon, with a guest who wouldn’t leave: a pesky little fly that played tricks on my dog Finlay and insisted on sharing my dinner. And so I came up with an idea for a series of children’s books about a pet fly named Lamouche (pronounced la-moosh). The first in the series is called “Once Upon A Fly; The Adventures of Lamouche.” Why a French fly? I’m originally from Montreal, Quebec, and Finlay insisted this was an international fly.

With the popularity of the first book and numerous suggestions from retailers, I created a line of paper products, some of which accompanied the book, and others that simply used the same quirky illustration style. Having worked in advertising and printing for many years, it was a natural transition, and a fun one to boot!

Very soon after my first print run, Jennifer Cristofaro joined as Sales & Marketing Director, and things really got off the ground. We’re now in our third year, enjoying continued growth and have a lot of ideas for unique products in the future. A second book, “Out On The Town,” is due to come out in late 2009.

We laugh a lot when we’re discussing ideas and creating new designs. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we love making them.


Nathalie Wechsler

Founder/Art Direction & Design